After graduating from film school in 2004, I landed my first industry job as an executive assistant at an independent production company. Over the past fifteen years, I’ve focused primarily on business affairs and production, and have worked my way up to executive positions and consulted for companies that include Marvel Studios, The Walt Disney Company, Skydance, and Blumhouse, among others.

Additionally, I’m also a writer. I’ve had a number of paid writing assignments over the years, and sold my first feature, The Right Girl (written with Bob Saenz), in 2012, which was released on the PixL Movie Channel in November 2015. I continue to write in my spare time. For more about who I am, you’re welcome to check out my personal website.

The purpose of this blog is to provide practical business advice to writers, collected from my years of experience working on the business side of the entertainment industry. My hope is that this site’s information will help you navigate through the many business decisions you’ll be faced with as a creative professional. Check out my first post for more information.


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